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Better Conflict Starts Here

    Conflict is inevitable. How you handle it is not.

    The Cost of Conflict

    Are you experiencing interpersonal tension or communication breakdown? Do you need to get better at having difficult conversations?


    Being in conflict can be extremely unsettling. 


    That is why 70% of people try to avoid it. Unfortunately, this often makes matters worse. 


    Research shows that poorly managed conflict is costing businesses millions of dollars per year. Not to mention the toll it takes on personal wellbeing, energy and time.  

    I believe there is a better way.

    Rethinking Conflict

    While most people hope to do away with conflict, I want to invite you to lean in.


    Why? Because I believe that not doing so leads to missed opportunities.


    What difference would it make if you could feel more comfortable having difficult conversations?

    What might improve if your team was better equipped to work through complex problems?


    My name is Jessica Hawkins. As an Accredited Coach, Workplace Mediator and Solution-Focused Trainer, I want to help you do conflict better.


    After years of witnessing the detrimental effects of conflict gone wrong, I want to empower you to:


    • Harness differences

    • Sharpen communication

    • Strengthen relationships

    If you are struggling with alignment on vision, values, or viewpoints please get in touch. I look forward to working with you!

    My Services

    1:1 Conflict Coaching

    Do you or your team need to get better at having difficult conversations? Are you struggling with a challenging interpersonal situation? 70% of individuals avoid conflict. 


    Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process that helps you gain the skills and tools needed for working through difficult conversations.

    Conflict Training & Assessment

    Conflict is inevitable, how you handle it is not. The most common denominator to successful conflict resolution is formal training.Yet, the majority of individuals have never received this. 


    Better Conflict training helps you and your team build the competence and confidence necessary to engage with disagreements in a solution-focused and proactive way.

    Mediation & Facilitation

    Studies have found that 85% of employees at all levels experience conflict to some degree.


    75% of professionals said the biggest drain on their resilience reserves was “managing difficult people".


    Mediation and Facilitation support provides you with a neutral third party to help you work through difficult conversations in a forward-facing and respectful way. 

    “I don't believe our world needs more positivity. I believe our world needs minds that are equipped to be with the complexity of life. Minds that can hold nuance and polarity. 

    Cory Muscara

    Ready to start having Better Conflict?

    Thanks for getting in touch!

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